About me

Hi, my name is Carlos Heredia Pimienta, and I earned my Ph.D. in (Mathematical) Physics under the guidance of Prof. Josep Llosa at the University of Barcelona.

My passion for finding answers to complex and intriguing problems drives my intellectual curiosity. Instead of being intimidated by the abundance of questions that remain unanswered, I find it fascinating as it presents endless opportunities for learning and discovery.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I have several years of experience in various physics fields, including String Theory, Classical electrodynamics of dispersive media, modified Gravity, and Mathematical Physics. I have also worked as a Business Intelligence consultant at EY (Ernst & Young), specializing in Data Science and Data Analytics.

I am a determined and optimistic person, and I love to travel and meet people from different cultures. I have learned that teamwork is key to success and that each team member should contribute responsibility, honesty, initiative, and humility to the group.


Grasping the concept of gravity is a major challenge facing scientists today. Physicists and mathematicians are trying to understand the ubiquitous gravitational attraction.

Einstein’s theory of gravity provided a starting point and led to important discoveries such as black holes and gravitational waves. However, it has limitations due to divergences, making it inadequate in fully explaining gravity. These divergences occur in areas where space-time is curved infinitely, such as the Big Bang and black holes.

To overcome these challenges, the study of nonlocal models in physics is rapidly gaining attention. The aim is to improve the ultraviolet behavior of quantum field theories and solve singularities in cosmology and black holes. My research focuses on deepening my understanding of nonlocal gauge theories, particularly string theory, quantum gravity, and classical gravity, from a mathematical viewpoint.